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It’s no wonder there’s tremendous stress on the minds of literally tens of millions of people who either have no health insurance, have too little insurance, or are paying significantly too much for their health insurance. 

Can you relate? 

We aren't like the others

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exactly where you’ve dreamed of when it comes to truly affordable health insurance.  After all, that’s our specialty!  
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FMA Benefits brings the very best solutions into reality and provides them exclusively to our friends, partners, and clients.  That’s where you come in!  We all know the topic of health insurance is limited based on budget.  Therefore, we have made something available to every socio-economic status, starting at $39.95 for the entire family.  At this point, you should be saying, “Whaaaaaaat?!!!”
Yes! We presume you want to know more, get the scoop, check out our premium list of providers, verify you can access the pharmacy down the street, and ask some questions.  Perfect!  We’ve already put ourselves in your shoes, and quite candidly, that’s how we make every decision.  

We aren’t like the others

Significantly lower premiumsAncillary program to reduce or eliminate deductibles and your maximum out-of-pocket expensesGuaranteed Issue without underwritingTwo enrollment monthly effective datesNot subject to open enrollment

Largest PPO network in AmericaFantastic customer serviceSelf-Employed Welcome

Urgent CarePrescription

Preventive CareGroups are WelcomeVoluntary or In-Voluntary funding


 (Gold & Silver Collectibles)

You've Outgrown the Small Stuff, Allow Your Staff To Grow With You.


Build a team of generational wealth builders
Family and friends are welcome
Liquidate to cash seamlessly
Earn money for your company
Earn money for your team
Access to monthly AutoSaver Program
Store collectibles in the private vault or take delivery 
No minimums, No maximums
Access to rare and exclusive collectibles
Buyer’s Certification Training Program
Collectible Certification Program
Credits towards additional Sound Money Training
Curated selections by the experts

Employer Benefits

You may include your business and key employees
Employees learn to save for their future
Employee Retention
Dedicated Sponsor
If an employee leaves, they can keep both their health and wealth solutions plans.
Can upgrade to premium at any time

As an employer, you can help your employees live a life of financial freedom and live their best lives.

Provide your employees with the tools needed to make smart decisions with their money.

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We provide healthcare and wealth solutions strategies to businesses to help manage a legitimate business, build generational wealth, and live healthy happy lives for you and your employees.


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